Effortlessly Pamper Your Rescue Pet

Without Doing Anything

The Easiest Way to Ensure a Lifetime of Comfort for Your Pet

We’re going to tell you a secret: your rescued pet— no matter how ”happy” or ”cured” — is suffering.

(whether you believe it or not)

To some people their pet is there world. They love them as much as or more than any other person. They want their pet to have the best life possible, and are deeply upset when their pet is feeling ill, doesn’t get along with others, is freaking out or scared, or uncontrollable. So pet owners spend time and money, over and over, to make sure their pets feel loved and comfortable. 

But sometimes, no matter what they do, it’s just not enough. And often, the pet, appreciating the love they are being given, appears fine. But they’re not.

The worst part is the frustration when the pet’s owners are helpless— when they can’t do anything to ease their pet’s feelings, to make it comfortable and loved again. But none-the-less they try everyday.

You’re probably not much different about how you feel about your pet (rescue pet or not).

You might have noticed your adopted family member — newly adopted or a long-time family member— has some quirks and issues non-rescue pets don’t have. Maybe it’s scared of loud noises, maybe it doesn’t like human contact or even becomes defensive when approached, maybe it doesn’t get along with other animals or children. No matter how much love and attention (or space) you give it, your rescue pet can’t shake their traumatic past. And it breaks your heart you can’t comfort your rescue pet. You still love and want the best for it, but you feel frustrated that you can’t do anything. 

Even pet owners who feel their rescued pets are happy and ”cured” are stunned when they find out just how much the past has been affecting their rehabilitated pet.

The biggest proof that even rehabilitated rescue pets are emotionally scarred is the change that happens in them once they begin our program.

Imagine there was a way to spoil your rescue pet, in a good way. To make them joyful and exuberant like when they were small and new to the world, before anything bad happened. Imagine you didn’t have to give them medications or anything invasive or uncomfortable to make them feel this way. That you could erase your pet’s past trauma and didn’t have to spend any of your time making them feel loved and safe again.

That would be pretty amazing, right?

Well it turns out you can.

David Adelson, "Spiritual Genius"

We’ve all see it, cute pictures of animals on the internet, pets that have loving homes and are perfectly content. But what about all the other animals that don’t have loving homes or comfort? You go to an animal shelter and see loads of animals in cages, some cower in fear when you walk by, others call out your attention. Maybe you decided to bring one home and give it love and shelter. 

But when you got home you notice your new friend just doesn’t seem comfortable with itself or in this new environment. And you brush it off thinking, “this is just the way it is” because after all it’s a rescue pet. 

We love animals as much as most normal people. That’s why we started working with a former client to help heal rescue pets. And while working with animals one-on-one was great, we just couldn’t help more than one at a time. And even then the number was limited. 

That’s why we decided to use 40+ years of research of quantum physics to help our rescue pet friends, to develop a program that can easily reach more animals and have a huge impact on their life. 

You see, animals can hear on a different level than us (just think of a dog whistle). And we took that into consideration when creating this program. We wanted something that wouldn’t disrupt your life or your pet’s, yet is still highly effective. 

The Solution:

An effortless program specifically for rescue pets, to help them live to the fullest, feel comfortable and safe, and most importantly feel loved and content— without disturbing you, the pet owner/caretaker. 

We understand how much your rescue pet means to you. We know you love your rescue pet just the way it is. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with your rescue pet and no need to change your animal friend. But that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to make them more comfortable. 

David Adelson


Michael Dragon Inner Power -- Technologies to Empower

We’ve Heard Loads of OBJECTIONS!

There’s nothing wrong with my rescue pet - We actually never mentioned anything being wrong with your rescue pet. Each rescue pet is unique with its own personality and past, which affect the way it behaves. But even a person who is being polite can be stressed, even someone well-behaved may be afraid. Look, if your pet is fine, great. Good. Stop reading and go out and play with it. Just remember: it takes 30 days to form a habit. If your pet was rescued after 6 weeks— 45 days— then whatever he/she was rescued from left a permanent ”habit” (scar) on your pet. If you even think there might be something there, deep inside, troubling your pet, try our program. It’s guaranteed; if you don’t notice positive changes in 10 days — you don’t even have to wait a month— send back the program and get your money back. Remember, 10% goes to non-profit rescue pet organizations. 

My pet is already happy and loving, it just has some strange quirks. — That’s great! But think of your own emotions for a moment, sometimes you're overjoyed, other times your depressed and everything else in-between. But wouldn’t it be nice to have stable emotions? Wouldn’t it make you feel better knowing you’re safe and secure if you had a traumatic or abusive past? Your pet is no different. They can have mood swings, be on a roller coaster of emotions or even feel neglected or scarred. All the time. Remember the goal is to support them, to spoil them and nurture them— not necessarily keep the same as when you first rescued them.

I love my pet just the way it is. — Just as any normal parent loves their child you love your pet. That’s completely understandable. There’s no need to force any change on your pet. But what if your pet changes on its own? You’d still love them. This is just like personal development for your pet— to help them effortlessly grow. And like any good parent supports their child, you should support your pet. Nurture it and let it evolve. Otherwise, you’ll be holding your pet back by trying to keep them the same.

And You're Right!

there’s nothing wrong with your rescue pet. But if you feel compassion for it you might want to consider pampering and spoiling it, or even making it more comfortable. You might want to do something special for it to show just how much you love it. And while blankets and toys are nice gifts, they don’t quite make your pet feel better about their past. Or ease that anxious feeling they get every time you leave them alone.

Many people might tell you your rescue pet is the way it is because of past trauma. They’ll tell you just accept it for who it is and love it. And that’s not wrong. What’s wrong is when they might say there’s nothing you can to do help heal your pet and have positive impact without medication or other treatments.

But you’re here. And deep down you’re hoping there's an easy way to make your rescue pet more comfortable, happier, a way to get past their past. (And there is.)

With all this in mind, we decided to make this a reality. We decided no pet should have to take medication daily, that they shouldn’t have to undergo hours of alternative treatment each week just to feel good.

The truth is there is an easy, effortless way to spoil and pamper your rescue pet and make them comfortable with their self (again) and their environment. We’ll go into this more soon, but first...

You Could Be Thinking:

I don’t have the time to do something new for my pet. — We both know that isn’t true, because it if was you wouldn’t have gotten a rescue pet. And on the other side of this, after the 2-3 minutes it takes to set up this program, you don’t actually have to do anything. It’s effortless, it’s silent.

How do I know this is for me and my pet? — This program is actually just for your pet. And all pets love this program— not just rescue pets. If your pet has ever felt some sort of discomfort when you leave, if they hear loud noises, or if they’re constantly on guard and unsure of themselves, this program is perfect for them! Actually there are loads of benefits from this program that we’re still discovering. Who knows what else you’ll discover?

What if I have more than one pet? Do I need more than one program? — That’s okay, the program can work for multiple pets at the same time. Just be sure to play the program in an area your pets spend the most time.

It’s silent? How can it work? — As we mentioned earlier animals hear things people can’t. Take a dog whistle of example. Works great for getting a dog’s attention, not so great for getting a person’s attention. You could even consider this a sweet, comforting lullaby that can only be heard by your pet.

It sounds complicated, how do I use it? — As we’ve said, it’s effortless to both use and set up. The program comes on a CD, all you need to do is insert the disc into a CD player and set it on repeat (don’t forget to push play). That’s it. (Please note, in order to offer the program at a reasonable price it does not include a player.)

It sounds expensive. — Compared to the cost of alternative healing methods or going to the vet and getting medication (multiple times), this is not expensive. This is a one time fee for a 27/7 lifetime program, which means there’s no constant medication that needs to be bought, no flower essences or color therapy equipment to buy, and best of all no need to invest your time preforming treatments on your pet. This program starts working immediately and continues being effective for years— essentially making it cost less than pennies each day.

Introducing Rescue Pet Healing

Dissolve trauma from before rescue with Rescue Pet Healing 24/7 Lifetime program on CD

Rescue Pet Healing is an effortless yet silent program. This non-disruptive 24/7 lifetime program is designed to run in the background through a stereo/CD player/DVD player (not included. You will need a CD player to dedicate to the program.)

Program benefits include:

Results usually occur within 24 hours or less.

An effortless and easy-to-use program

Immediate benefits that continue for your pet’s entire life - benefits get better the longer you play it

Runs 24/7 - requires no time after 2-3 minute simple set up

All you need is a moderately good boombox-type CD player or DVD player; available everywhere-- Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, etc..

Plus, 10% of each program will be donated to non-profit rescue pet organizations

Look, depending on your pet’s past, what happened before they were rescued could have been as traumatic as a concentration camp, as being beaten, starved, abused, abandoned, or worse. And if it lasted more than 6 weeks, those emotional scars become the constant underlying theme of that animal’s life, no matter how kind and loving you are. It’s always there, it’s always with them. just like soldiers returning from war.

This program ends that, and clears that once and for all.

Imagine how that would change your life, if it happened to you. No, imagine what it can do for your pet. Better yet, don’t imagine, see what it can do for your pet.

Remember, this is a lifetime program. A pet that lives for 5 years, this program costs less than a doghouse or almost any cat furniture. Less than you may spend on pet toys in a year. And you get: the most contented, happy, loved and cared-for pet possible. Doesn’t that seem worth it?

Your pet will: 



let go of the past 

feel safe and protected 

feel ”Mother is at home” taking care of them all the time, round the clock 

pets will start feeling more comfortable, safe, secure, etc. 

trauma-based symptoms disappear over time 

physical ailments may improve as well once the emotional scars dissolve 

behavior issues disappear 

your pets confidence grows 

happiness grows 

responsiveness grows 

love grows 

pets eating disorders are healed or improved (if based on past trauma) 

pets start receiving the love they are being given 

your pet starts to enjoy their life in a way they never thought possible. 

Right now you can get the Rescue Pet Healing DVD and CD together for a special price.

It’s the ultimate combo for Rescue Pet Healing, comfort and pampering. 

You might be wondering how the DVD program is different from Rescue Pet Healing CD. This program is special: it’s for rescue pets who need a little more attention than others. Rescue Pet Healing CD provides the safety and security that you pet longs for. BUT, if your pet has special issues, the Rescue Pet Healing 2 DVD program can remedy that.

You know what they are; you know when your pet needs special hand-holding. That’s what the program on the DVD is for. 

Rescue Pet Healing DVD program

If your pet freaks out every time you leave and thinks you’ll never come back. If it’s uncomfortable being alone in the house, or if you’re rescue pet suffers from any sort of separation anxiety. The Rescue Pet DVD program will put them at ease. Sure, the Rescue Pet Healing CD will eventually take care of that, but why wait? With both, you double-whammy your pet’s discomfort so they feel loved and cared for all the time.

Our recommendation: run the Rescue Pet CD all the time. 24/7. Then, during those especially-stressful, uncomfortable times for your pet, play the Rescue Pet Healing 2 DVD on your TV (no need for special equipment) for a few hours before, during, and after the stressful situation.

Best of all: Right now you can grab this ultimate rescue pet package for…

Comfort your pet 24/7 for life with this amazing Rescue Pet Healing programmed CD

$39.95 Rescue Pet Healing At-Home Lifetime program:

Calm your pet in stressful times with this powerful Rescue Pet Healing DVD program

$59.95 DVD Rescue Pet Healing 2 Stressful Situations:

Rescue Pet Healing Best

Both together: $89.95, Save $10 + extra shipping if bought separately:

Invest now and get both programs! 

"The DVD has definitely had an impact on the cats. They seem more together as a group, there is less fighting and several who were very timid before the DVD are now taking on more dominant roles. When I play the DVD all night, I come out to a living room filled with cats, peacefully coexisting. It’s amazing – I don’t know how it works, but it does." — Nan Gault, Florida

"I gave a good friend a copy of the "Higher Energies for Love for Your Pet" DVD. She has a 4 year old Sheltie, Derek - not a rescue pet, just a normal pet with an owner who can't be home all the time. Derek has a "walker" who comes every day, but that isn't enough. I could tell that he was lonely by how he seemed to crave attention when she came home...

"I set the program to run all the time on a DVD in the her living room. Derek sleeps just outside this room, next to the back door, waiting for his owner to come home each day...

"I visited about 4 weeks after I set the program up and there is a definite difference in Derek. He still barks (Sheltie characteristic), but there is a softness to his demeanor and he has become much more affectionate than before running the program. That urgent need for attention is much diminished. Others have noticed the change also...

"Thank you for these products. They are a blessing for our pets." — R.R., Washington

You’ll get: 

1. Rescue Pet Healing CD - The 24/7 program to comfort and pamper your pet. Make your pet truly be at ease and comfortable with themselves and their environment. 

- Results usually occur within 24 hours or less. 

- An effortless and easy to use program 

- Immediate benefits that continue for your pet’s entire life - benefits get better the longer you play it  

- Runs 24/7 - requires no time after 2-3 minute simple set up 

- All you need is a CD player or DVD player. 


2. Rescue Pet Healing DVD - Play this program anytime your pet is stressed, such as when you leave--let it run until you come back. Puts your pet at ease every time you leave. (This can be played on your regular DVD player.) 

- Designed for pets with extreme anxiety, that don’t like to be left alone 

- Put your pet at ease when you’re not around 

- when they meet strangers 

- before excursions to the vet 

- anytime they are sick, tired, hurt, or need that extra ”hug” to help them know they are safe, cared-for, and loved 

3. Program setup/guide - a quick and easy way to get started and get the most from the program. 

10% donated to non-profit rescue pet organizations 


A word of warning: these programs CANNOT be played in mp3 format. It will actually have the opposite effect if you do. Think of it like when you’re trying to play a song and the audio is really distorted. It would actually annoy or frustrate you, right? The same is true with this program if played in mp3 format.


We believe so much in our program and the profound impact it has — we've seen it work time and again, over and over — so we’re offering it to you risk-free. If you follow the simple instructions properly, we guarantee you will notice a difference in your rescue pet in 10 days or less. If you don’t notice any difference, send the program back in like-new condition and we’ll happily refund your money. That’s it, we guarantee you’ll notice a positive difference in 10 days or less or we’ll give you your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We understand you love your pet and want the best for them. Maybe you’ve tried to pamper your pet with toys and other nice things, maybe you’ve tried to train them to behave in a certain way. Maybe you’re just hoping (or assuming) your pet is comfortable. But if you’re like most people, you can’t be with your pet 24/7. And no matter what you do they might feel some discomfort when you’re not there. While medications and alternative therapies are an option, they all require your constant attention (not to mention recurring fees).

That’s why it’s time to take advantage of an effortless proven program that takes discomfort and tension away and allows your pet to feel safe and secure all the time, 24/7 round the clock, even when you’re not there. (Remember: you only have to invest once for a program that lasts a lifetime.) Plus, we donate 10% of each program to non-profit rescue pet organizations.

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